Why make a map?

In the pensions industry we tend to be very good at talking about process. We can explain technical detail. We’re used to sequences of thought that run in straight lines. But any description, explanation or set of instructions, however good, starts from someone’s point of view – usually our own. We find it harder to imagine ourselves in different parts of the industry, or in the shoes of a member. 

A map shows you the world a different way. It frees you from any one point of view and lets you choose your starting point, your end point and your route. A map can help us see how things are changing, what’s under threat, what’s growing and where there are opportunities for better connections.


We’ve had a lot of help from all over the industry

We couldn’t have created this map without help. To get us started, we invited groups of experienced people from across the industry to get together round a table. They all shared their ideas of how they’d tackle this challenge. The first versions of the map took shape after two of these group sessions.

Once we had a first version, more industry experts came to see it up on the wall. They spotted connections that were missing, they told us what they felt worked and they added their ideas. Each time, we revised the map. It evolved through many versions until we were ready to work with a designer to turn a purely functional diagram into a more vibrant, clearer infographic.

We’re very grateful to everybody who got involved.


We want the map to start conversations

How is our world changing? Which parts are going to change more? Where do pentechs fit in? What will be the effect of CDC? Or the dashboard? Which parts of the map could be changed by legislation? Where are there opportunities for closer ties?

We don’t have one specific purpose in mind for the map. We want it to start conversations in the industry and help people talk about what they do.

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This is the first version of the map

The current version of the map won’t be perfect. It represents the collected knowledge of a number of industry experts. But it will keep evolving. The map will develop as our knowledge of the DC world develops, as more people tell us how they see the world and contribute what they know about their corner of it. We want the design to grow from a flat image into an interactive resource of information about the DC pensions world.

If you think that there are areas of the map that could be better, or that are changing fast, let us know, through the form at the bottom of this page.


The map team



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Special thanks to

Andrew Carrett, Bob Cast, David Hutchins, David Whitehair, Henry Tapper, Jacqui Reid, Nick Groom, Lucian Camp, Tom Hibbard.


Tell us what you think of the map

If you think that there are areas of the map that could be better, or that are changing fast, leave your comments below.

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